Saturday, August 3, 2019


In 2013, the University of Leicester published a press release stating the Omani government-funded research which (for the first time) uncovered that frankincense has the ability to target cancer cells in late-stage ovarian cancer patients. And this all appeared to be due to AKBA (acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid). (Ammon HP. Boswellic acids in chronic inflammatory diseases. Planta Med 2006; 72(12): 1100-16.)
According to lead researcher Kamla Al-Salmani,

“After a year of studying the AKBA compound with ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro, we have been able to show it is effective at killing the cancer cells. Frankincense is taken by many people with no known side effects. This finding has enormous potential to be taken to a clinical trial in the future and developed into an additional treatment for ovarian cancer.”
While we do know that the various forms of frankincense benefits (essential oils, extracts, pure resin, etc.) have the potential to fight cancer, much is left to be understood, making this a controversial topic in the natural health and research world.
Current research demonstrates anti-mutagenic and apoptotic (programmed cell death) abilities. Though the results have occurred in lab tests and we have yet to see how to best replicate these results in active cancer in humans, the demonstrated results remain. Researchers found that boswellic acids are “cytotoxic to ovarian cancer cells at pharmacologically achievable concentrations” and “may form the basis of a novel anticancer treatment for ovarian cancer, perhaps alongside conventional chemotherapy.” (

Thursday, August 1, 2019


Ringworm can happen to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. It's not a worm, it's a fungus. Rest assured you can treat it right away from home*. I always have a variety of Essential Oils on hand to treat various problems.

You can take a little glass cup and put in 3 drops of Oregano Essential Oil and 2-3 drops of Melaleuca Essential Oil and just a few drops of coconut oil. Oregano is quite strong and can burn/sting your open rash. That's why you want to add the coconut oil. Saturate a small cotton ball with the oils and dab onto the area 3 times a day for 4 weeks.**

Oregano has a powerful component called carvacrol which is anti-fungal. Melaleuca is also an effective antifungal agent.

Be sure you buy your Essential Oils from a reputable company, to ensure the oils are tested to be pure and therapeutic. DoTerra is such a company. 

You can get your oils here:

*If unsure if it's ringworm, be sure to see your doctor.
**This treatment is recommended by expert Dr. Josh Axe, who is not affiliated with doTerra company. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Trouble sleeping?
DoTerra Essential Oil has a fantastic blend called "Serenity." Comes in an oil, or, softgels. Some people use both. Others use just one or the other. The oil: Promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment. Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions. Calms the mind and soothes the senses. The oil can be diffused aromatically or applied to the bottoms of your feet at bedtime. You can also put a couple drops into your bath! The oil contains Lavender Flower, Cedarwood, Ho Wood Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Marjoram Leaf, Roman Chamomile Flower, Vetiver Root, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Hawaiian Sandalwood. The oil blend creates a relaxing environment while the softgels promote a restful night’s sleep. The softgels can be consumed. The softgels help you get the refreshing sleep you need without leaving you feeling groggy and sleepy the next day. The softgels contain Lavender essential oil and L-Theanine along with lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile oils. You're going to feel great after a good night's sleep! To our health, together!
You can be confident you are getting the purest Essential Oils when you buy doTerra, known for their superior testing , purity, and therapeutic value. Get doTerra oils here:

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Sunday, July 14, 2019


Cold summer tuna salad recipe, with Essential Oils: Boil up a package of tri-color Rotini noodles. Drain. Add one package frozen peas, chopped onion, chopped celery and two cans of tuna fish. In a small bowl, add desired amount of mayonnaise and add 2 drops each of the following Essential Oils: Turmeric, Pink Pepper, Marjoram, Basil, Black Pepper. Mix well. Mix everything together. May add cherry tomatoes if desired. 7 servings
Turmeric EO promotes a positive immune function and response. Pink Pepper EO may may help your body maintain healthy cellular function and overall cellular health. Marjoram EO has a positive effect on the nervous system. Basil EO supports the health of your nervous system. Black Pepper EO provides anti-oxidant support. Or experiment with Essential Oil flavors of your choice. To our health together!
You can be confident you're using the best oils for your family when you use doTerra, known for superior testing, purity, and therapeutic benefits. You can get your doTerra Essential Oils here:

Thursday, June 20, 2019


When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing Essential Oils gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy.
 Each doTERRA Essential Oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade doTERRA Essential Oils.
While there is a science to the distillation of Essential Oils, it is also an art. Distillers not only rely on years of experience, they also employ modern technologies and techniques. 
You'll feel confident you're using the best Essential Oils when you use doTerra.


Top 7 Essential Oils for anxiety, according to Dr. Josh Axe, Essential Oil expert.
1) Lavender 2) Rose 3) Frankincense 4) Bergamot 5) Vetiver 6) Ylang ylang 7) Chamomile.
Aromatherapy for anxiety is very popular because our sense of smell triggers powerful emotional responses.
You can be confident you are using the best Essential Oils when you use doTerra, known for superior testing, purity, and therapeutic value.
To our health, together! #essentialoils #anxiety

Friday, June 14, 2019


In many studies, Bergamot Essential Oil has been found to be a natural way to treat mild depression. A 2017 pilot study found that when Bergamot E O was inhaled for 15 minutes by women in the waiting room of a mental health treatment center, Bergamot exposure improved the positive feelings of participants in the experimental group. (Phytotherapy Research published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd). In a 2011 study of Bergamot and Lavender EOs, compared with the placebo, these two blended essential oils caused significant decreases of pulse rate and blood pressure. At the emotional level, subjects in the blended essential oils group rated themselves as “more calm” and “more relaxed” than subjects in the control group. (Hongratanaworakit, NCBI) Components of Bergamot Essential Oil have antidepressant and stimulating qualities. Bergamot is known for its ability to promote cheerfulness, feelings of freshness and increased energy by improving the circulation of your blood. You can be confident you're using the best Essential Oils when you use doTerra, known for superior testing, purity, and therapeutic value. You can get your oils here:
To our health, together.
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Monday, June 10, 2019


If you don't want to use chemicals on your body, you'll be happy to know that DoTerra Essential Oils offers many personal-use products that are chemical free and good for you.

You'll feel pampered using these botanical items:  Hand lotion; Detoxifying Mud Mask for your face and neck; Bath bar; Body scrub; Hydrating Body Mist (love this!); Body Wash; Body Butter; Lip Balm. Check it out! Made with pure Essential Oils.

You will feel confident you're using the best when you use DoTerra, known for superior testing and purity. -- Put "doTerra Spa" in the Search Box.

Friday, June 7, 2019


    Ever feel so happy with your beautiful hair that you want to dress up and go out on the town to show it off? Even after a long day at work. doTerra's "Salon Essentials Protecting Shampoo" is a professional formula with an invigorating complex of CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, gentle cleansers, and botanical ingredients that will keep your hair looking clean and healthy. A unique combination of plant extracts provide gentle lathering and cleansing to remove impurities collected on the hair and scalp. Light moisturizers will leave your hair salon soft and shiny. No harsh chemicals! doTERRA's "Salon Essentials Protecting Conditioner" is a professional formula of conditioning emollients, botanical extracts, and natural proteins that will leave your hair looking luminous and healthy. Other natural ingredients keep hair looking strong and healthy. Nanotechnology smooths hair and provides an antistatic effect that keeps hair shafts aligned during styling for a smooth, finished look. Go ahead. Live it up. You'll feel confident with your gorgeous hair that will stand up to a long day at work. For men and women.
    You can get doTerra's Shampoo and Conditioner here:
    To our health, together.
    #hair #hairproducts #botanical

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      Need to revitalize your scalp for healthier hair? You'll be thrilled with the healthy, nourished scalp you'll get from using doTerra's "Root to Tip Serum". It's a salon professional formula infused with essential oils and nourishing lipids to promote smooth, shiny hair and a healthy scalp. Its protective lipids will nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. It will deep condition and promote your hair surface maintenance, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and silky. This powerful, lightweight serum provides extended moisture without weighing your hair down or leaving an oily residue. You'll love the results.
      DoTerra is known for its superior Essential Oils. You can get doTerra's "Root to Tip Serum" here:
      To our health, together. #scalp #healthandwellness #essentialoils Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

      Monday, May 6, 2019


      An easy way to add the health benefits of Essential Oils in your cooking is to prepare a Provence Salt blend (if you use salt) with:
      2T salt and 2 drops each Basil, Thyme, Marjoram, Rosemary, Lavender, and Fennel. Stir well and store, sprinkling into your food while cooking.
      You can be confident you are using the purest oils when you use doTerra Essential Oils, known for their superior testing.

      Wednesday, May 1, 2019


      Ylang Ylang Essential Oil been highly sought after for centuries for its natural thickening effect on hair. Add it to your conditioner. It's also known for its healing properties on the skin. Refresh your skin with an aromatherapy steam facial using Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Take just one drop in water for antioxidant support. Diffuse for a positive outlook. A very versatile oil.
      And, according to Dr. Josh Axe (not affiliated w/doTerra), Ylang Ylang EO is known to improve blood flow and fight inflammation, supporting a healthy circulatory system. It’s considered one of the most helpful essential oils (along with lavender, clary sage and frankincense) for controlling blood pressure and preventing heart arrhythmia. Massage a single drop daily over the heart combined with a carrier oil, he says.
      You will be confident you're using the best Essential Oils when you use doTerra, known for superior quality, testing, and purity.

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      Saturday, April 20, 2019



      When experiencing occasional moments of nausea associated with motion, like car sickness or seasickness, the properties of the Ginger Drop Lozenges help ease uncomfortable feelings and settle the stomach. 

      The internal benefits of Ginger also promote healthy digestion and help ease occasional stomach discomfort and indigestion.The spicy flavor of Ginger Essential Oil is blended with a splash of Lemon Essential Oil to boost the benefits and flavor.

      You can get them at 
      Put "Ginger Drops" in the Search Box.
      You can feel confident you're using the purest essential oils when you use doTerra.

      Monday, April 15, 2019


        Help for menopause symptom relief: Studies suggest that Basil Essential Oil contains a component similar to estrogen, meaning it has the potential to aid the body in adapting to changing estrogen levels. Basil has been used to combat hot flashes by applying diluted oil (with vegetable oil) on to the feet or the back of the neck. It can also help lift moods when inhaled.

        Lavender Essential Oil can induce feelings of relaxation and improve mood. It can also improve sleep quality. Including lavender aromatherapy to your nightly habits promotes better sleep and relaxation. It is believed that lavender can help calm the body, which helps balance hormone levels naturally.

        Rubbing one to two drops of diluted Clary Sage Essential Oil on the back of the neck or on the feet has been shown to help with hot flashes. It can also be quite useful when inhaled. Clary Sage EO can help by minimizing thyroid stimulating hormones and reducing depression and stress levels.

        All this, according to Dr. Eric Zielinski (Dr. Z) (not affiliated with doTerra).
        You will be confident you're using the best when you use doTerra's Essential Oils.
        #menopause #healthandwellness #botanical #essentialoils


        Looking to protect your skin's collagen, plus promote collagen production? One of the most well-known benefits of collagen is its ability to promote glowing, vibrant skin. This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it to appear more youthful and healthy.

        But as you get older and collagen production declines, fine lines, loose skin, and dryness can occur. Collagen begins to atrophy as we age. Yarrow/Pom Essential Oil (Yarrow EO + Pomegranate seed oil) is an active botanical powerhouse that can be applied topically to revitalize aging skin. It activates skin-protecting proteins by inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown your skin's elasticity and collagen, and at the same time promotes collagen production on your own.

        These 2 oils work synergistically to support cellular, immune, nervous system function, and healthy metabolic function when taken internally. DoTerra's Yarrow/Pom EO provides powerful antioxidant support and supports a healthy inflammatory response at the source.

        Consume for health, or apply Yarrow|Pom topically to help promote the look of young and healthy skin, or to help reduce the appearance of blemishes. You'll be getting lots of use for your money.
        You can be confident you're getting the absolute best when you buy DoTerra, known for its superior quality, purity, testing, and therapeutic value.
        *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. #anti-aging #essentialoils #healthandbeauty #skincare

        Thursday, April 11, 2019


        Need a mood booster? Melissa Essential Oil is a rare, versatile, and expensive oil. Melissa has a wide range of health benefits and uses. Because of its positive effect on mood, Melissa has long been used to calm feelings of tension and nervousness. Diffusing Melissa promotes emotional well-being, in a diffuser, or an aromatherapy necklace.

        It also may help to support a healthy immune system when taken internally (just one drop). It benefits your cells, liver, digestive system, immune system, and beyond.

        A few drops in your moisturizer helps keep your skin clear. You'll be happy you're getting a lot for your money.

        You'll feel confident you're getting the absolute best essential oils when you use doTerra, known for its superior testing, purity, and therapeutic value.


        I just read in Consumer Reports "On Health" that it's best not to gargle twice a day with rinses that have high alcohol content. "On Health" states it might be carcinogenic to tissue in your mouth. They suggest eating pineapple, which contains an enzyme that might be beneficial to your breath.

        And may I suggest switching to doTerra's OnGuard Mouthwash, which is alcohol-free. Its natural ingredients help reduce plaque, strengthen teeth, and brighten your smile. You'll be able to go through each day with confidence. Look in their OnGuard section, or Search for "mouthwash".

        Wednesday, April 10, 2019


        When ingested, Peppermint EO promotes healthy respiratory function, clear breathing, and digestive health. I make a big pot of any kind of tea and then add one drop of the oil (do not boil essential oils.) Just one drop of doTerra's pure, therapeutic Peppermint Essential Oil equals about 28 cups of peppermint tea. Or diffuse for a mid-day pick-me-up.
        A high menthol content—like that found in the doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil—distinguishes the best quality Peppermint from other products.
        Because pure essential oils are so highly concentrated, they are 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they are derived from. Dried herbs lose up to 90% of their healing nutrients and oxygen molecules, whereas essential oils do not. All you need is one drop. Less is more with Essential Oils.
        *Do not use if pregnant. Do not give to children because it might be too strong.


        Anxious about an upcoming meeting/interview? Green Mandarin Essential Oil is soothing and uplifting when diffused. To create a bright and energized environment, diffuse the sweet, refreshing aroma of Green Mandarin Essential OIl throughout your home or workplace. If you don't have a diffuser, you can use an aromatherapy necklace. There are necklaces for men, also.
        Green Mandarin EO is known for its soothing properties for the nervous system. Just one drop may help soothe the nervous system when taken internally.
        DoTerra oils are known for their therapeutic value and purity.

        Tuesday, April 9, 2019


        Don't let an upset stomach derail you at work, or in that important meeting, or while having fun with friends. Always be at your best with help from doTerra.

        DoTerra's "DigestZen Softgels" contain a unique combination of 7 Essential Oils to aid in digestion and ease occasional stomach discomfort in a soothing, natural way—all in a vegetarian softgel that dissolves easily. DigestZen Softgels are perfect for on-the-go. Keep a bottle in your desk and your bag.

        I never go anywhere without my Digest Zen. Helps reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion.

        Friday, April 5, 2019


        How to stay alert: Diffusing Basil Essential Oil helps promote mental alertness and a sense of focus while studying or reading or working.
        Diffused Basil EO also lessens anxious feelings and provides a stress-relieving experience.
        If at work and you can't diffuse, put a few drops of Basil EO into a diffuser necklace. There are aromatherapy necklaces made for men, also, like the one shown above at Etsy online.
        Smell molecules travel through the nose and affect the brain through receptor sites, one of which is the limbic system, referred to as the "emotional brain." The limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance.
        You can be confident you're using the best EOs when you use doTerra, known for superior testing, therapeutic value, and purity. That's the only company I trust for my oils.


        Teachers! I taught high school science to at-risk students for a while before I retired, and I know how difficult a job teaching is. I wish I had known about Essential Oils back then.

        DoTerra has various blends for diffusing to help promote a calm environment in your classroom. I would suggest doTerra's Balance blend, developed specifically to promote in-class relaxation and improved response to stress. It's affordable and doesn't have citrus in it, which might be a concern if any student has citrus allergies. Great for easing anxious feelings during tests. Spruce, one of the oils in dōTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body.

        HAIR CARE

        Look your best for work, meetings, or that special night out. Between the harsh chemicals in regular hair products and the relentless damage of drying, curling, coloring, straightening, sometimes your hair just needs a break.

        Help your hair with Essential Oils and reduce some of the damage done by coloring and/or styling. And you'll love the natural smell.

        My favorite is doTerra's "Root to Tip Serum." Apply several drops in different locations on your scalp and lightly massage with finger tips when hair is clean and damp. Dry and style as usual. "Root to Tip Serum" contains protective lipids to nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp. It deep conditions, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and silky. You'll love it. Search for "hair products".


        I've been scuba diving in Kealakekua Bay. What an experience! I recently learned that doTerra Essential Oils and the Hawaiian government are partnered to protect the future of Hawaiian Sandalwood at Kealakekua Mountain Reserve. The management plan guarantees the regeneration and prosperity of this forest. The island's rich volcanic soil is ideal for farming.

        Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil is highly valued. Add it to your moisturizer to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections while providing an overall youthful-looking complexion. Or diffuse to lessen tension and promote emotional well-being.

        You can get Sandalwood EO here:

        Thursday, March 28, 2019


        If Essential Oils get into your eye, dilute the area immediately with vegetable (olive, coconut, etc.) or carrier oil. Do this by placing the vegetable oil on a tissue and gently wiping your eye area. Repeat as necessary.

        Essential Oils are most effective in small amounts, and lose their value, and may even be harmful, in large amounts. Less is More.

        Did you know that high-quality Essential Oils do not simply mask symptoms as synthetically created products do. They pass through cell membranes to address the root causes of issues on a cellular level.

        Be careful when applying citrus EOs and lemongrass on your skin because they are photosensitive and can cause you to burn when in the sun.

        Vitamins are either fat-soluble (A,D,E,K), or, water-soluble (C and all the Bs). Essential Oils do not have fat or water in them, therefore, they are not a source of vitamins.


        10 ways to combat depression.
        1) Set small daily goals.
        2) Maintain a routine.
        3) Stay involved with society.
        4) Do something new and different.
        5) Take on small responsibilities to give you a sense of accomplishment.
        6) Enough sleep.
        7) Exercise.
        8) Take a prebiotic/probiotic supplement. 9) Although each body is unique and responds uniquely to different products, doTerra's "Cheer" roll-on is a blend of citrus and spices that counteracts negative emotions and promotes feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and happiness in many people. So we can be just as cheery as my grandchildren pictured here. 10) See your doctor if nothing works.
        You can get your "Cheer" roll-on at doTerra, known for superior testing and purity. Put "Cheer" into the Search Box, or search in their "Blends" section

        Saturday, March 23, 2019


        1 cup almond milk (or milk of choice)
        ½ cup pumpkin puree
        ½ cup vanilla yogurt
        2 frozen bananas
        1 teaspoon vanilla extract
        1 teaspoon pumpkin pie seasoning
        2–3 drops doTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend
        1 cup ice
        1. Combine all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.
        2. If desired, add some whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon.
        For a vegan recipe, replace the milk and yogurt with one can of coconut milk.

        doTERRA On Guard, a proprietary essential oil blend, provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support when used internally. As one of doTERRA’s best-selling blends, doTERRA On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system when ingested. doTERRA On Guard can be taken internally on a daily basis to maintain healthy immune function and support healthy cardiovascular function. It supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses and promotes healthy circulation.

        Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash 

        Tuesday, March 12, 2019


        Eucalyptus Essential Oil is not meant to be ingested. It's an ideal oil to diffuse to promote feelings of clear breathing and open airways due to its chemical components. It's one of 8 oils in doTerra's blend "Breathe." 

        Diffusing Eucalyptus also promotes feelings of relaxation and helps clear your mind. When applied topically (after diluting with a carrier oil), Eucalyptus has purifying properties that can be beneficial for the skin. 

        Caution: Keep completely away from children! Do not use if pregnant (as with most Essential Oils).


        If you want to drink one of those healthy green drinks but don't particularly like the taste, here's a healthy tip: Add 1 drop of either Peppermint or Wild Orange Essential Oil. Nummy. Wild Orange supports a healthy immune system. Peppermint promotes healthy respiratory function, clear breathing, and digestive health.
        All you need is one drop because EOs are potent if purchased from a reliable company. Those $8 oils at drugstores, etc. are not meant to be consumed.
        You can be confident you're getting 100% pure Essential Oils when you buy doTerra. Personally, I wouldn't even buy them off of Amazon because you don't know if someone has replaced the essential oil with something else, like vegetable oil.